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Contact us for aluminium strips for breathing mask manufacturing.

Welcome to Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium Alloys Pty Ltd was established as a supplier of aluminium products for the Southern African market.

We stock aluminium sheet, tread plate, coil and extrusions to meet our customer’s needs in mill, anodised and powder-coated finishes according to the specific requirements of our customers. In addition to being a stockist of the above mentioned products, we also offer fabrication services which include welding, bending and cutting. We offer a friendly and efficient service and we look forward to hearing from you and supplying your aluminium needs.

Branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town!

Get in touch today…

Johannesburg: +27 11 392 7659 or +27 10 085 9942

Cape Town: +27 21 911 5032

Aluminium Manufacturing

AluminiuM Alloys now offers aluminium fabrication as well and we specialise in the fabrication of aluminium boxes / trunks and fold up tables for all your requirements. We look forward to your enquiries.

Why choose Aluminium?

Aluminium is a light-weight, high-strength material used in virtually every facet of the modern construction industry from patio doors in homes to curtain walling on the tallest skyscrapers.

Because of its unique properties, aluminium is extremely malleable and can be made or extruded into an infinite variety of shapes or designs. Aluminium is very durable and highly resistant to corrosion caused by modern industrial pollutants and requires little long-term maintenance. The lifespan of aluminium products is measured in decades rather than years.

Aluminium is Recyclable and Reusable

Aluminium is arguably the most durable building material in the world and is also highly recyclable.

The recycling process creates high quality aluminium which loses none of the properties of primary aluminium and also uses just 5% of the energy it takes to create primary aluminium. This coupled with the highly malleable qualities and low maintenance cost is why aluminium is regarded as the world’s most durable building material.